Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Many pet owners expect their pets to start slowing down and possibly grow ill as they age. While older pets are at an increased risk for developing a variety of chronic health problems, they don’t have to slow down or suffer! In fact, with the right care, you can keep your pet feeling lively and energetic and our veterinarian can detect new health concerns early to address them before your pet experiences any discomfort.

Age-Related Diseases Commonly Found in Pets

As pets age, they become increasingly at risk of developing the following health problems:
Just like younger pets, senior pets instinctively try to mask signs of illness or injury. If you notice any changes in your pet’s behavior, personality, appearance, appetite, or energy levels, schedule an appointment right away.

Senior Wellness Exams in Bonner Springs

Senior pets should have at least two wellness exams per year. In addition to keeping vaccines and parasite prevention current, we tailor these appointments to address the unique needs of aging pets with four primary focuses:

Routine Health Screening

In addition to your pet’s comprehensive physical examination, senior pets also receive routine diagnostic testing that’s designed to screen for the earliest signs of chronic disease and evaluate organ function.

Wellness Promotion

We’ll help you provide your pet with proper nutrition to promote systemic health and recommendations for environmental adjustments that will keep them comfortable in your home.

Pain Management

We use a variety of treatments and therapies to help address chronic pain in aging pets, and we’ll work with you to determine the safest and most effective options for your pet’s long-term pain management strategy.

Mobility Preservation

We’ll work with you and your pet to address age-related mobility concerns to ensure your pet can continue moving about freely and enjoying playtime.

Comprehensive Senior Pet Care With Our Bonner Springs Veterinarian

The age at which your pet is considered a senior depends on his or her species and breed. Our veterinarian will talk with you about your pet’s age and when you can expect to begin shifting their care to accommodate their changing health needs.
To learn more about geriatric pet care or to schedule a senior pet appointment for your cat or dog, we welcome you to contact Bonner Springs Animal Care Center today. We’ll evaluate your pet’s health and provide you with a selection of treatments and recommendations that will help to keep your pet’s senior years golden!