When an external examination is not enough to reach a definitive diagnosis, x-rays provide our veterinarian with a view of your pet’s internal structures to aid in the diagnosis of illness, injury, disease, and more.

What Are X-Rays?

In a clinical context, x-rays (also called radiograms) refer to the images produced using x-ray radiation (instead of radiation in the visible light spectrum that a normal camera uses). With x-rays, we’re able to produce images of a patient’s internal structures including bones, joints, organs, and other tissues.

How Do Veterinarians Use Pet X-Rays?

When treating dogs and cats, there are a variety of situations when x-rays can be an incredibly helpful diagnostic tool.
X-rays are often used in the diagnosis of sick pets. Many ailments that affect pets present themselves with quite similar outward signs and symptoms. As a result, it can be difficult to achieve an accurate diagnosis of a pet’s underlying condition with a physical examination alone.
X-rays allow our veterinarian to view the location, size, and shape of a pet’s organs, which can help us diagnose a variety of systemic diseases and congenital conditions. We use x-rays to diagnose reproductive-related issues, respiratory problems, and even urinary tract concerns such as kidney stones and bladder infections. In addition, x-rays help us locate and remove ingested foreign objects and evaluate abnormal growths like tumors, cysts, and other masses.
They are also used to evaluate and treat injuries and musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. With an x-ray, our veterinarian can look inside a pet to diagnose and assess the extent of injuries such as bone fractures or to confirm the presence of arthritic inflammation in a pet’s joints.

Complete In-House Veterinary Diagnostics in Bonner Springs

Depending on your pet’s symptoms, our veterinarian might also recommend additional diagnostic testing to achieve an accurate diagnosis.
At Bonner Springs Animal Care Center, we’re proud to offer comprehensive in-house diagnostics to our patients with both radiology and a complete on-site laboratory. Whether a pet is feeling ill or visiting us for a routine health screening, our in-house diagnostic capabilities enable us to provide quick and accurate diagnoses followed swiftly by safe and effective treatment.
To learn more about diagnostic testing for pets at Bonner Springs Animal Care Center, we welcome you to contact our veterinary office today.