Beneath their fur, our pets are covered with skin, and — just like people — they can suffer from dermatological issues that cause them great discomfort and distress. At Bonner Springs Animal Care Center, our veterinarian is pleased to provide our patients with comprehensive dermatological care with accurate diagnostics and effective treatment strategies.

Common Dermatological Concerns in Pets

The most common cause of dermatological problems in pets by far is allergies. However, there are a variety of underlying conditions that can cause skin issues, dermatological symptoms, and problems in pets.
Signs and symptoms of dermatological problems in pets include the following:
If your pet exhibits any unusual symptoms or changes in its behavior, appearance, or appetite, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Diagnosing and Treating Skin Conditions in Pets

In addition to physically examining a pet, we use a variety of diagnostic techniques like blood tests, biopsies, and skin scrapings to diagnose skin problems in pets. Once the underlying issue has been identified, our veterinarian can provide your pet with a treatment plan using a variety of treatment modalities such as medicated baths, topical ointments, medications, lifestyle adjustments, nutritional supplements, and more.

Schedule a Dermatology Appointment for Your Pet in Bonner Springs

If your pet has been itching incessantly, is losing hair, has a funny smell, is experiencing redness, rashes, or other signs and symptoms of skin-related issues, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at Bonner Springs Animal Care Center.
We’ll examine your pet, talk with you about the symptoms you’ve noticed, learn more about your pet’s environment, and thoroughly evaluate the problem. We will then help you understand more about your pet’s dermatological problem, and provide your pet with an effective treatment strategy and fast relief. To learn more or schedule a dermatology appointment for your dog or cat, contact our veterinary clinic today.