How to Help Your Pet Stay Hydrated This Summer

how to help your pet stay hydrated this summerSummer weather is here, and with the heat comes the potential for your pets to become dehydrated and face other heat-related illnesses. Just as with humans, maintaining proper hydration is critical for keeping your pets healthy and happy. To help prevent your pets from becoming dehydrated, follow these five tips to ensure that your four-legged pals get enough water during the hot months of summer.

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

Add Wet Food Into Your Pet’s Diet

While humans are able to draw a lot of hydration from the food we eat, pets are often unable to do so. Typical diets for dogs and cats that consist mainly of dry food contain very low moisture levels. Replacing some of your pet’s dry food with wet food is one way to add in hydration during the warmest months of the year. Alternatively, mixing some water into dry food can make the meal both more appetizing and more hydrating for some pets.

Remember to Offer Water Regularly When Away From Home

Summer means road trips and long days spent outdoors, and many Americans want to share this time with the four-legged members of their family as well. Keep in mind that your pet needs fresh water just as often when you are traveling as he would at home. If you’re on a road trip, build pit stops into your schedule to provide your pet with cool, fresh water.

Water becomes even more important if you’re taking part in outdoor activities with your pet. Bring water along for your furry friend whenever you embark on a long walk, hike and an extended game of fetch in the park.

Refresh Your Pet’s Water Daily

Even if water is still left in the bowl, be certain to replace your pet’s water every day. Any standing pool of water can becoming a breeding ground for bacteria; even if this bacteria growth doesn’t sicken your pet, it can make them less likely to drink from their bowl and increase their chances of becoming dehydrated. Reduce the risk of bacteria even further by washing your pet’s bowl with soap each time you refresh their water.

In Multiple Pet Households, Maintain Enough Water Bowls

If you have more than one pet, making enough water bowls available is important for ensuring that all of your furry friends stay hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one more water bowl than you have pets. Keep in mind your pets’ individual preferences when you place the bowls as well. For example, many cats prefer areas of low activity and foot traffic while drinking, so place your cat’s water bowl in a more isolated location that your dog’s bowl.

Never Take Away Access to Water

Some believe that you should limit the water provided to young pets that have not yet been house-trained to help avoid accidents, but this advice can be extremely dangerous. Puppies and kittens are often more active than their older relatives and are thus need proportionately more water. Provide all the water that your young pet needs and simply increase your awareness of his cues as you house-train him.

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