How to Prepare Your Pet For A Boarding Facility

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Boarding FacilityBonner Springs Animal Care Center offers a top quality pet boarding facility for dog and cat owners who need to leave town for any reason.

Here are some tips that can help ensure your pet’s time boarding with us is as happy and healthy as possible:

Get Vaccinations

Our kennels, like all other good kennels in the area, requires that pets be vaccinated before boarding. This is done to prevent your pet from catching a dangerous disease or passing such diseases on to other pets. The shots should be done at least two weeks in advance of boarding, as it takes some time before the vaccines take effect. Get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity if you have any questions about required vaccinations or if your pet cannot receive certain vaccinations for some reason.

Do a “Trial Run” Boarding

A pet that has never stayed in a kennel before will naturally have a hard time handling the experience. Teach your pet that there is nothing to fear by having him/her stay at our kennel for a day or two before the trip. The pet will get to know the area, workers, and other pets and become comfortable with the surroundings. Additionally, a short kennel stay enables kennel staff members to see if there are any behavioral issues that you may need to address with further training before you leave your pet for an extended kennel stay.

Provide Training

Dogs and cats typically need previous crate training so they will be comfortable sleeping in an enclosed place at a kennel. Practice crate training in advance using a crate or cage that is the right size for your dog or cat so that your pet can get a good night’s sleep at the kennel even if the sleeping quarters are smaller than the ones at home.

Keep Things Calm at Home

Your pet will pick up on any anxiety you feel over an extended stay at the kennel. To avoid causing your pet unnecessary distress, keep things mellow at home. Pack in advance and do your chores calmly on the day of your departure. Don’t cry over your pet as you prepare for the trip to the kennel and avoid spoiling your pet with additional treats right before you leave home.

Update Pet ID Tags and Chips

It is very important for the kennel to have up to date information on your pet. Your pet should have either a tag or chip with your current phone number in case an emergency occurs. Be sure to gather and deliver your pet’s medical records as well if you are new to our veterinary clinic.

An extended kennel stay at Bonner Springs Animal Care Boarding Center can be a fun experience for any pet, especially if you choose the right kennel and prepare your pet for the experience beforehand. With proper care and training, your pet can enjoy being around new people and other animals, enabling you to travel with ease knowing that your beloved dog or cat is happy, healthy and enjoying life to the full.

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