7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy

7 tips to keep your pet happyMany pets become part of your family, and not unlike the other members of your family, there are specific things you can do to help your pet have a happy life. Keeping your pet happy and healthy often leads to additional years with your pet buddy and better pet behavior.

Here are the top 7 tips to keeping your pet happy:

  1. Pets love attention, so making sure they are shown some of your undivided love and attention for 15 minutes each day at the least, but more time is definitely better. Spending time playing helps to give him or her social interaction and exercise, and time sitting together while you pet them contributes to keeping them calm. Don’t forget, it’s also good for humans to spend quality time with their pets.
  2. Pets, not unlike humans, need to have their own safe and comfortable space. At times, your pet can become overstimulated, stressed, or tired from too much noise or activity and they need a special place to go to rest alone. It’s important that children understand that when your pet goes to his or her safe place, to let them rest. Their place should be located away from the busiest part of the home and equipped with a comforting blanket or pillow.
  3. Make sure to have enough toys to keep your pet entertained and active because many domesticated animals are intelligent and need stimulation to thrive. Toys can entertain both you and your pet, which keeps your pet from becoming bored. A bored pet may turn a prized possession into a toy. When purchasing toys, make sure they are the right size and activity level for your pet.
  4. Most pets are social animals that need socialization. Taking them for walks, to the dog park, or having guests to your home are great ways to socialize your pet. You may want to invest in training to make sure your pet is able to socialize in a calm and non-aggressive way with other animals, children, and people.
  5. Having some knowledge about your pet’s breed can help you know and understand your pet better and what they like. You may want to learn about different breeds before you invest in a pet. There is a lot of information online available about most pet breeds.
  6. An important step to keeping your pet happy is to making sure they have a safe and healthy diet. Whether you feed your pet commercially prepared food or you prepare it yourself, you want to make sure the food is nutritionally balanced with the protein, vitamins, and minerals your pet needs to stay healthy and active.
  7. Keeping your pet healthy is vital for everyone’s happiness, so it’s important to choose a vet that can help your pet feel safe. Like humans, pets are sensitive and have emotions that include trust and fear.

The staff at Bonner Spring Animal Care Center understands how to make your pet feel safe and comfortable. We also want you to feel confident that we can provide the proper care to your pet to help them stay healthy and have a happy life!

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